Tradition of the 1st Look – Is It A Thing of the Past?

Through the years the tradition of the 1st look has been slowly changing.  When our grandparents and parents got married, seeing each other before the actual wedding ceremony was considered “bad luck”.  I remember asking my grandma who and she didn’t have a real answer.  As the years have gone by, many of the “traditions” that were once lived by have changed – including the traditional 1st look.

When asked by couples if they should do a 1st look, we always tell them it is a decision they should make, not us.  If they ask the advantages of doing a 1st look, we simply tell them our story.  When we were married, we did not do a 1st look as it was still considered “bad luck”.  The first time we saw each other was down the isle.  We had so many emotions inside when finally at the alter, but could not express them to each other.  We tell our couples that doing a 1st look allows the two of them time with each other.  They can show more emotion, tell each other how good they look, how they are feeling and get some of the tears out.  Now they don’t have to keep it bottled up inside at the alter.

As photographers, doing a 1st look allows us time for as many photos before the ceremony and free up time after the ceremony.  With a 1st look family/group photos, bridal party photos, and some artistic photos can be taken and there will not be as much to do after.

With times changing, the 1st look tradition is becoming more popular and not seeing each other before the ceremony is part of the past.  Like we said earlier, it is up to the couple if they want to do a 1st look or not – we do not pressure them either way.  The photos you see here show couples sharing a 1st look before the ceremony.  You can see the joy, love and emotion they are sharing with each other.  Remember, don’t let a photographer tell you how to plan your day or pressure you into doing something you may want to keep as a tradition.


1st Look Love

1st Look Love

You Look Amazing

You Look Amazing

Phoenix Wedding Photography


Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Tears of Joy

Phoenix Wedding Photographers

This is it and you look amazing

I'm Here For You Always

I’m Here For You Always

Hold Me Forever

Hold Me Forever

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