Details Are Just As Important

As a Wedding Photographer in Phoenix, we always make sure to capture the decor of your wedding.  You spent many hours planning the color theme of your wedding, center pieces, thank you gifts, champaign flutes, the isle, etc that you want to remember what it all looked like in the end.  You are running around all night spending time with family and friends, dancing, eating, and just having a great time that you may miss how everything looked in the end.  As a Phoenix Wedding Photographer we capture every detail of your special day.  We capture close ups of flowers, table setting, guest sign in book, the beautiful isle you walk down, and all in all your wedding day.  Always make sure to let your Phoenix Wedding Photographer know you want these special touches captured.  It’s what you’ve planned for so you too should enjoy it.

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  1. Randy September 10, 2012 11:12 pm #

    Brett and Sandi are hands-down the most professional Phoenix wedding photographers in the business. They shot our wedding and the pictures just came out amazing. My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased

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